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2015 Philadelphia Writers Conference: Made Me A Better Writer And Person, As A Whole

During the 2015 Philadelphia Writers Conference, I was awakened. I’m not an earning writer per se; I just love to write. But years ago, when my mother told me about PWC (Philadelphia Writers Conference), I was hesitant.

“Why not go there, meet new people and learn from fellow writers such as yourself, huh?” My mother is a very optimistic person, and she would go on about me going out and making friends. “Mom, I’m not a writer. I just love to write.” That’s what I always tell her, and she would say – “The pen is mightier than a sword, sweetheart. You may not be earning from your writing as of YET, but your words are beautiful, and they cut deep. Anybody who would read your verses will surely be blown away, that is if they’re human and if they have feelings.”

I know she is a very articulate woman. My mom is a teacher, and everyone loves her. Me, on the other hand, I have a self-esteem issue. I was born that way, I guess, and with bad relationships to boot my self-worth is down the drain. Writing makes me feel alive and important. (I have writing gigs online, not much, but it’s a start – as my mom would say.) Mom inspired me to write – she literally gave me a journal and a pen to begin my journey.

Anyway, I was pushed by her to go to the conference, and I think, it was the best decision I was ever forced into, to date. The conference discussed everything from counseling (Yes! Senior writers would help and assist budding and wanna-be writers on how the whole thing goes), to valuable writing instructions, fellowship, and open forum. I loved every minute of it! So since then, I have been in the conference – 2016, 2017, 2018, and now, I am looking forward to 2019 get together.

All I can say is – take a chance. Explore even the most frightening situations, especially when it involves self-development (writing is self-development). Live, and be alive.