6 Activities That Bipolar Disorder Patients Can Enjoy

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People say that having bipolar disorder is no different from being on a roller coaster. The twists, loops, and sharp turns can be exciting sometimes, primarily when the mania allows you to complete more tasks than usual. If the depressive episodes strike, though, it feels as if the ride dropped from the highest structure and is now free-falling until who knows when.

The thing is, since there is no cure for bipolar disorder, you may never be able to detach yourself from this roller coaster. The fun tends to vanish when you experience ups and downs over and over. You might even come to a point at which you start to feel helpless because you have no idea who can help you get out of this crazy ride.

“Bipolar disorder is probably the main psychiatric disorder where medication is absolutely essential.” John Preston, PsyD stated. Nonetheless, how you’ll live your life does not need to get dictated by an illness. You can still enjoy the following activities despite having bipolar disorder.

  1. Exercising

Because mood switching is typical when you have this condition, you may not notice the change much when you are always moving. That can only take place if you commit to fitness routines and think of strengthening your muscles. According to Amanda Zayde, PsyD, “Exercise is key; speak to your primary care physician to see what kind of physical activity is right for you.”

Source: pixabay.com
  1. Meditating

When the depression is in full mode, you should realize that it isn’t necessary to force yourself to move and be happy. You can remain at home and talk to nobody. However, your disposition may improve once you start meditating.

The practice, after all, encourages you to focus on your body and mind and forget everything else. Your concentration goes to your breathing pattern, as well as the sensation of getting rid of your problems one by one mentally. The more you meditate, the easier it may become to fight your depressive episodes. “Meditation is not just relaxing, but to be keenly aware of the present moment while not interfering with mental activities that revolve around our little self.” Andrea F. Polard, PsyD noted.

  1. Getting Creative

How many celebrities living with the disorder got to nurture their craft and stay famous because of their creativity? There’s Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato, Mel Gibson, and Russell Brand, to name a few. That should help you understand that your life is not over after a diagnosis. You are welcome to tap into your artistic side and express your experiences through music or arts.

  1. Cleaning

In case you feel too lazy to go to the gym, you can still clean your house from top to bottom as a part of your fitness routine. Start removing the cobwebs on your ceiling and dusting off your display rack, for instance. Then you may scrub the walls, the windows, and the floor. Once you get contented with the outcome, you can drop dirty clothes into the machine, or wash the dishes manually. This way, your excess energy is put to great use.

  1. Socializing

It is also significant for you to improve your social skills. That often lacks in people with bipolar disorder since you assume that not many individuals want to be friends with someone who has both mania and depression. The truth, however, is that your family and a small group of folks are the only people you need right now. As long as you speak and meet with them often, you don’t have to worry about not fitting in.

  1. Sleeping

Last but not the least, your life won’t seem so miserable if you manage to sleep for seven to eight hours. Regardless of how hectic your schedule is, it matters to allot enough time at night for resting. For sure, you can take naps throughout the day when you feel tired, but your body can only re-energize itself when you have an uninterrupted sleep.

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When you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you know that you’ll carry it forever. Instead of feeling gloomy about it, though, you should try the activities above so that you’ll see that life does not and should not stop due to an illness.

Good luck!