Basic Stuff You Need When Starting A Blog

The cyberspace has become an avenue not only for entertainment and income-generating projects but also for stress-busting hobbies. Most people with anxiety find writing a therapeutic activity as it becomes an outlet to channel their thoughts and emotions. At the same time, writing occupies their mind to ward off unhappy and depressive thoughts by being busy with something they find fun and worthy of their time.

Most people who publish their writings and works online also find it fun and worthwhile to have people read and look at them. While these writings may not directly involve their stressed thoughts and swirling emotions, it can, however, be about a particular niche they like. As mentioned, writing occupies the mind. Sharing one’s thoughts, especially something new to the target readers, is, in fact, stress-relieving.

Are you now convinced to start a blog? Finally! Worry not. While it may look hard at the moment, we will take it step by step. The following are the basic stuff you will need to start your own online space:

Look For A Blog Host



There are a lot of blog-hosting sites that you can find on the Internet. Start by searching the best platforms based on trusted reviews and positive ratings. Read reviews about the pros and cons of using a particular hosting site and weigh these against that of another site.

There are specific criteria you can consider in choosing the best blog-hosting site. Think of the interface’s user-friendliness for beginners like you. Before subscribing, look for the available themes and layouts that the site has to offer. Check the plugins that might appeal to you. Consider also the online forums and technical support it has so that if something goes wrong with your data, you already have someone to ask help from.

Find Your Niche


What particular topic do you want to write about? Do you want it to be profitable in the long run? Or do you want to share your adventures and personal life with others? The decision on which niche you mainly want to focus on is up to you. You may have thousands of ideas right now, but remember that you are choosing a niche so that you know who your target audience is.

Choose A Domain Name

You make your brand and personality online. While your goal is not really to earn money, your blog is a reflection of you, and it should create a first impression about who you are or what your content is. Keep in mind that this blog of yours will soon contain your essential files and data. Be creative in choosing a name.

It does not need to be very long as one-word blog names are enough. But don’t worry if you cannot find a proper name that will satisfy your choices. More often than not, blog-hosting sites offer and suggest domain names based on your name or even preferred keyword.

Design And Personalize Your Blog

Here comes the fun part. Choosing a pre-made layout from the blog-hosting site may not even satisfy you. Worry not. These pre-made layouts can still be personalized depending on how you visualize your blog to be.

Add plugins, different dropdown buttons, sidebars, and other tools for entertainment on the page itself. Choose the text fonts and color gradients that appeal to you and your personality. You can be minimalist or even be elaborate in details inside your soon-to-be-published blog.

Prepare Your First Post


After all the time you’ve spent in trying and finding the best layout for your online space, it’s time to test it out with your very first blog post. It can be a random post or of any topic you like accompanied by pictures or any visuals you have. You can share your thoughts or engage the readers already on your first post. A short write up will do for the meantime.

Now that you have your own space, you are free to write anything about your chosen topic or even include a section of your online journal about everyday dealings in life. Setting up a blog is not that complicated if you will take it slowly, starting with the basic things you need to prepare. Your blog is a reflection of you, so take your time to set it up according to your taste, without any rush or pressure in doing so.

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