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Are you feeling down lately? Do you want to get over that feeling? There are a lot of things that you can do to cheer yourself up. One of which is resorting to the availability of songs coming from great artists all over the world. A recent study shows that listening to music can help a person improve his mood or brighten his day.




“Therapy doesn’t have to be talk-based; there are some modalities, like music therapy and art therapy, that can help you get those in tune with those emotions without having to cough them up verbally.”  Hannah Goodman, LMHC said. With that, I have decided to compile a list of lovely songs to listen to during your gloomy days:

  1. Happy by Pharrell Williams

The beat of this song will inspire you to keep moving or dancing. This song reminds its listeners that one’s life can change when he knows how to find happiness on his own. You do not need to rely on someone or other people before you can get the pure bliss you deserve.


  1. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

This masterpiece is one of the classic songs from the world-renowned group called The Beatles. If you are having a rough day at the office, then make sure to look for this song on your phone and play it. You will surely smile with its sweet lyrics and lovely tune.


  1. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Sometimes, all it takes to become happy is to let go of all our inhibitions and reservations. This is the message of Taylor’s Swift song entitled “Shake It Off.” It reminds you of the significance of accepting one’s shortcomings. Always keep in mind that you do not need to get approval from the people around us. “Focus on yourself and your own happiness and do not compare yourself to others.” Marc Romano, PsyD said.


  1. Imagine by John Lennon

The song is precisely what you need if you want to believe that more good things are going to happen in your life. You will realize that the song is full of hope. It inspires you to keep going. This masterpiece was beautifully written by John Lennon himself. Since its first release, it has become a world favorite.


  1. All You Need is Love

This is another beautiful piece by The Beatles. The song tells us the importance of having love in our hearts. Based on the song, all you need is love. Somehow, it sends a reminder to all of us that life can be more beautiful, regardless of the circumstances present, as long as there is love.


  1. Ain’t No Mountain High by Marvin Gaye

When you are feeling alone and sad, listen to Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High.” It will make you think of all the great people you have in your life. This song will make you want to get in touch with your friends and family who are miles away from you. Remember, “People with a healthy self-esteem tend to view failure as an event. People with low self-esteem often view failure as fatal. This thought process pummels one’s self-esteem and overtime being a failure becomes their identity.” counselor Monte Drenner said.

The songs listed above are just six of the thousands of beautiful songs written by great artists around the world. Try to explore the different songs and find your favorites. Put your top songs in a folder or on a list so that you can listen to it anytime you want. Music can set your spirit free. Let the music heal your sorrow, grief or sadness. The best thing about listening to songs is that you can do it anytime you want.




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