DIY Projects That Are Not Worth Doing

If you’re a sucker for DIY crafts, you should know that not all things DIY are worth your while, right? And although there are tons of kitchen and do-it-yourself home renovations every time you click the search engine, there are also several projects that seem to be easy and quick to do yourself, in the end, the final project is a disaster. So instead of saving hundreds of bucks, you risk spending a thousand or more, and worse, creating one of the biggest home DIY mistakes of your life.

According to seasoned real estate brokers, home buyers choosing between two houses who come to discover that house number 1 had a major DIY flop and the other house was renovated professionally would ultimately choose house number 2, despite the higher selling price. This only goes to show that sometimes, spending a few extra bucks to have a professional do your home may be more worthwhile after all.

For all the DIYers who are thinking of doing a makeover right now, perhaps you should read this. Here are some of the commonly done DIY projects for the home that should be avoided.


DIY Mistakes One Should Avoid

 Painting The Walls On Your Own Is ANo-No!

 A lot of homeowners struggle to paint their houses themselves thinking that it’s too expensive to hire a professional painter to do it. They think that buying a few cans and spending a few hours over the weekend to brush the walls are not that difficult. Perhaps it isn’t, but it is difficult to paint EFFECTIVELY, and most of the time, a bad paint job can cost you more money, especially if you’re planning to sell your home shortly.

A quality paint job requires consistent brush strokes and brush tones, the right color for the right area of the house, the overall cleanliness, and of course, the right feel. Thinking of painting your living room walls today? Think twice! You might end up losing more money and damaging your property.


Installing Your Kitchen Cabinets Can Be A Big Back Job After

 We really can’t blame you if you’d feel all excited to install and mount your cabinets and appliances by yourself, especially if you’re a mom. After all, the kitchen is one of your favorite spots to fix and decorate. However, appliance company managers suggest that it would be practical and wise to have them installed by a professional the first time, to avoid damage to the appliances. “Even though they buy from Ikea and install them by themselves, without the proper skills, it would show by the way the kitchen looks.”

Consequently, if you install cabinets and appliances yourself, you might just end up placing the wrong cabinet door at the wrong place!

Leave Tiling To The Professional

 Your choice of tiles on your floors plays a crucial role in the beauty of your home, but so is the quality of the tile work. Just like a paint job, installing tiles and lining them efficiently and appropriately can also greatly affect the overall appearance of your property inside and out. Most prospective buyers prefer homes where the owners invested in having their tiles done professionally. Brokers suggest finding someone who’s qualified to do it and to do it well.

Bottom Line

 There are two types of homeowners – one who decides to spare himself from the high cost and invests in his time and effort, and the other who prefers to spend a little more to get the highest quality of his home at the highest selling price. Which are you? The bottom line is, you do get what you pay for!



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