Family-Friendly Movies To Binge-Watch

There are a lot of kid-friendly films on Netflix. However, having too many options would be quite a hassle if you are looking for a movie that can entertain both you and your kids. Good thing we have here a list that can round up the best family-friendly movies to can satisfy you and your children’s binge-watching moment.

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure 1985 – It is a cult classic movie that is notable for so many reasons. It is Paul Reuben’s famous role under the directorial debut of Tim Burton. It is a story of Pee-Wee who goes on a big adventure to find his stolen bike. From his journey, he encounters a lot of crazy and wild funny shenanigans on the way. It is a classic comedy entertainment that is refreshing, silly, quirky, creative, and superb. So if you and your kids are up for an entertaining and funny film, this one should be on the list.


The Princess Diaries 2001 – There is no way you and your children wouldn’t like this clean and endearing film. From the director of pretty woman, runaway bride, and Valentine’s Day comes to this decent teen romantic comedy that will warm your heart. The movie’s essence attempts to break stereotypes of living in a dream. It represents passion, happiness, and life, despite being under pressure. It tells a moral lesson that change is okay, but not always for the better. Watching this film will make you appreciate life and look at it in a brighter and more positive angle.

Ella Enchanted 2004 – It is a movie that is fun, pure, and simple. You and your kids should watch this movie if you like romance and fairy tales. It is a story of Ella played by Anne Hathaway, who receives a visit from her fairy godmother, Lucinda. She presented the magical talent where Ella obeys anything that she is told to do. It somehow turned into a curse than a blessing, though. So to break the spell, Ella embarks on a journey to find Lucinda. Honestly, if you enjoyed this movie when you were a kid, your children will feel the same.


High School Musical 2008 – The casts, all the songs and everything about this film, is perfect. It is a movie that you and your kids would watch many times. There are engaging songs with great choreography, and the whole soundtracks kept getting better and better. It somehow makes you break free. Your children will love how energized and lively the characters are. The movie also reflects an American High School struggle, which in some ways, your kids can relate.

Paddington 2014 – It is a charming live action that retells the classic kids’ tales. It is a story of a bear that travels from Peru to arrive in London. It is a relatable story because of the struggle of a bear trying to adapt to a new life while avoiding trouble and a hateful taxidermist. Honestly, it could have been just another generic live-action/ 3D-animated children’s movie. But fortunately, it delivers a wonderful story with lovable characters and solid humor. There are warmth and wit that were so appealing in this film which can make you conclude that every actor and actress does their job perfectly.


Beauty And The Beast 2017 – Who wouldn’t love the live-action remake of the Disney Renaissance classic, not to mention the role of Belle played by an all-time kid-favorite actress Emma Watson? The film will surely not disappoint you and your kids’ expectations. There’s a comfortable, understated level of acting that sets up to compare future magical moments. The film is made with visually amusing effects throughout with colorful sets and scenery. It will help you and your children appreciate the masterpiece of an excellent job of bringing an animated character into life.

Dr. Strange 2016 – Perhaps your first real exposure to Doctor Strange was in The Super Hero Squad film. However, Doctor Strange is another reasonably straightforward movie that elaborates on a hero’s journey. He loses his hands in a tragic car accident. But despite that, he ends up gaining something further meaningful. The film delivers an incredible action film with great action scenes and mind-bending visual effects and creativity. It also contains powerful dialogues and energetic performances that add to the quality of storytelling.


A Dog’s Journey 2019 – Perhaps this is one of the best movies you should need to watch first. It is an emotional and sweet film that pays tribute to a never-ending bond between a dog and his human best friend. The film appears to be liked by everyone because it is so relatable and realistic. This beautiful film shows excellent acting, and the storyline was perfect as well. You and your kids would have a surreal experience watching the reincarnation of a dog and its quest to find its purpose. Somehow, it would make you fall in love with dogs even more.


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