How To Cope With Anxiety When Blogging


Making a living in cyberspace is as fast-paced as it can get. You have to get accustomed to ever-changing trends and build your business appealing to your audience. One of the thriving ways to make a living is through blogging.

Although admittedly, blogging can be very exhausting at times. You have to continually conceptualize about your next theme for the week or churning out fresh content that will satisfy your readers. Thus, blogging can be a source of stress and anxiety especially for those who heavily rely on their blogs as their primary income stream.

Coping With Blogging-Related Anxiety

  • Stop And Breathe

One way to deal with anxiety when blogging is to take a step back from thinking so much about your blog. Do this by actively stopping your brain from thinking so much. You can try to practice breathing exercises or doing yoga to take your mind off your stressors. As Marla W. Deibler, PsyD says, “Deep breathing encourages our body’s relaxation response. Other calming and stress-reducing activities include progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, Tai chi and yoga.” Also, you can go for short walks or run to get your blood pumping. Even a little bit of physical activity is beneficial for those suffering from chronic anxiety.

  • Rediscover Your Interests

When you continuously think about what to produce or when to write about your content, your brain gets haywire about every single thing. When you go outside, all you see is how you can integrate the latest fad into your next feature article. The cycle goes on and on. So much you tend to forget about your interests in the first place. You are much prone to burnout this way. Rediscover your interests and enjoy life again.

  • Deal With Your Feelings By Writing Them Down

“Get outside of whatever your thought of traditional journaling may mean, and have fun with it!” Lindsey Pratt Psychotherapy, LMHC, said. Writing about your feelings can be very therapeutic. You might be put off by the word “write” but don’t worry, writing about your feelings can be an entirely new ball game. For starters, writing about your feelings doesn’t need any structure. You can write about anything and everything you want to write about, even those things you cannot bring yourself to tell anyone else. Writing about your feelings can bring about a deep sense of relief. You feel as if your heavy burdens are gone as if you have unloaded your feelings to somebody else.

Things To Avoid

While coping with your anxiety when blogging, be sure to avoid additional triggers brought about by these practices.

  • Staying Up Late


According to Julia Hogan, LCPC, “The amount of sleep you get and the quality of that sleep can actually affect your physical and mental health in ways you don’t anticipate.” Most writers believe that they are more productive at night, bloggers included. As such, they tend to finish their writing tasks in the wee hours until dawn. However, staying up late has its effects on the body. People who stay up late often are more prone to diseases as compared to peers who have a full night’s rest. You also tend to get more anxious and antsy when you get less than 7 hours of rest daily.

What you can do is to schedule your daily activities to incorporate your leisurely activities, writing exercises, and rest. Be sure to end your day on time and set a standard wake-up routine.

  • Getting A Lot Of Things On Your Plate

Committing to a lot of things all at the same time can put on a lot of unnecessary pressure. For example, you have set a goal of uploading five blog posts per day. However, upon looking closer at your writing capability, you noticed that you could only write up to 3 well-written posts a day. Clearly, there is a discrepancy between your commitment and your current ability. You can try scaling down your goal to your current output and work from there. Remember to consider your mental health every time before committing to something.

  • Eating Junk Food


Eating a proper and balanced diet can work wonders on your mood. Conversely, you are more prone to mood swings if you love eating junk food such as burgers, fries, potato chips, and carbonated drinks. Writers often binge eat especially when working around a tight deadline. However, you should aim to lessen these binge eating sessions. You can also try to achieve mood stability by having a good mix of proteins, veggies, and carbs every meal. You will soon notice that your overall mood is getting better. Your body will also thank you for it.

Finally, there is no single way to get rid of anxiety when blogging. Blending all of these tips, plus dedication on your part can bring about noticeable results.

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