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A writer’s mind is indeed marvelous. It wanders with just a bare thought in an ordinary day. It loves to learn about new things, and everything is exciting in its perspective. A tiny droplet of rain or the quiet blow of the wind can start a thought that is sometimes nonsense to others.

Writers love movies because like writing a novel, it brings to life an idea that has started from the imagination of a quiet mind on a lazy Sunday. They tend to think about how people come up with the idea or the concept of a movie. Several movies stir the soul of the sentimental lots especially the people who have the passion for writing.


Here Are Some Of The Movies About Life That Make Writers Want To React:

About Time

About Time is a movie about a young man who can travel through time and change his future, but some things are meant to happen regardless of how we try to control them. We all need to learn acceptance because this life is not all about happiness and bliss. According to Ben Martin, Psy.D., “A stressful change in life patterns can trigger a depressive episode. Such stressful events may include a serious loss, a difficult relationship, trauma, or financial problems.” The movie consists of everything else including failures, disappointments, and sadness.

Anyone would want the ability to travel through time because we all want to change something, somehow, but it’s just something we can’t do. People are interested in complicated things that will make them ask themselves “what if?”




Pursuit Of Happiness

Pursuit Of Happiness is a story about the struggle of a father to give a better life to his son. It tells a story about determination and perseverance. It’s all about patience and not giving up no matter how life gets.

In the story, it shows how much a father could do for his son, which is sometimes simple for most people but seems hard for some. Sometimes, happiness just means getting a decent place and a decent meal for our children. It makes us think that some people already have this father’s “happiness” but are still unhappy. “Happy people do things differently. They make their emotional wellbeing a priority and practice daily and weekly habits that help them create joy, happiness and satisfaction in their lives.” That is according to Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC.


Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty is a movie about a man who went through a tragic life event of losing his daughter. He started to question life by sending letters to abstract entities: Love, Time, and Death.

“We need help getting through the experiences of losing someone (or an animal) we love, life transitions, anxiety about the impending loss of a loved one, or stress because the situation is out of our control.” Zainab Killidar, LMHC said. We need all kinds of feelings, even grief, and loneliness. It teaches us that there is love in sadness and death, and we are all in control of how we are going to spend the time we have.


The Choice

The Choice is a love story that teaches us that a single choice, regardless of being good or bad, will always lead to another that could make a significant impact on our lives. It tells us that life is composed of the choices we make.


The Lucky One

Logan Lucky is a story of a soldier finding a photo of a girl that’s meant to keep someone else alive. He saw and picked it up from the rubbles, and it kept him alive. He then dedicated his life looking for the girl in the photo to thank her for saving him.

It teaches us that everything happens for a reason, just like the soldier in the movie. He was meant to find the girl’s photo because he was destined to be in her life.




Safe Haven

Safe Haven is a movie about a man who lost his wife to cancer. He has two kids, and they’re living in a small town trying to continue their lives. This movie encompasses the endless love of mothers to their children, how we all deserve second chances, and how we need to give importance to the things we have – because not all who deserve it get it, and not all who get it deserve it.


Life Of Pi

Life of Pi is a movie about a young man who tragically lost everything and got stranded on a small boat with no one but a dangerous tiger. He went on an adventure with the most unexpected companion, but he refused to give in to negativity.

It is an inspirational movie about how everything is up to one’s life perspective. We have the power over our mind to decide how we see things. We can choose to hold on to blame and anger, or we can forgive and find the will to move on.

These movies are all mind-stirring because they tackle the complicated and perplexing topics about life – love, time, death, happiness, choices, and chances. These are all difficult issues that we don’t fully understand, and these kinds of movies will make the audience think twice about how they see and live life.


People are interested in things that question them. They want never-ending contemplative issues that seek an answer they ask themselves. After watching, people may realize that these people in the movies had it worse, but they chose to make things simpler, live better, and make their lives a story worth telling.

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