The Best Shows On Netflix You Need To Binge-Watch


I think it is pretty much evident that whenever you want to watch some good shows, you immediately look for one on Netflix. As of now, it has been the most extensive channel that provides quality films and series. Not all can argue with that. Though there are other places to watch, still Netflix suits most of the people’s taste. I am not promoting, just stating facts. Since there are a lot of categories to choose from, you might get bombarded with all of that. So let me cut down the list for you and allow me to make some recommendations. Here are the shows you probably never heard on Netflix that you need to binge-watch.

Sex Education – It is Netflix’s most recent show that gathers a popular rating among teens and young adults. It is a fantastic show that is played by Asa Butterfield. He is the son of a sex therapist who uses the knowledge from her mom to help assist couples in his school. It includes providing therapy sessions and counseling to a bunch of teen couples who explore and have different sexual issues. Warning! The few first episodes may seem quite cringy, though. But I guarantee the overall lesson of the show is worth watching.


Atypical – It is a unique show that seems underrated. But if you watch the whole series, you will agree that Netflix made a great choice on creating this one. It is a story about an autistic person played by Kier Gilchrist. He went on deciding his future by wanting to have a girlfriend regardless of his autism spectrum disorder. If you do not understand what autism is all about, then it is a great show that entirely gave justice and respect to the mental illness.

Mind Hunter – If you are a fan of action and mystery movies and shows, then this one is for you. The concept targets the exploration of psychological aspects of criminology. The storyline revolves around two FBI agents played by Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany. Their task is to teach other police officers the right handling of situations where somebody has mental issues. If you are up for that, then this one is a great show.


90210 – Yes, it sounds familiar because it is an adaptation from the old version of teen drama called Beverly Hills 90210 in the 1990s. It is all about the life stories of a bunch of high school kids. There is drama, thriller, comedy, romance, and mystery that sit in one show. It is a depiction of reality where the kids suffer from trauma, abuse, and neglect, which they use to create a character out of their personalities. It is funny, raw, and endearing. So if that is the kind of show you want to spend time with, it also worth it.

There are too many shows that you can watch from Netflix. Their originals are great and satisfying as well. There is no reason to feel bored because you can binge-watch depending on your choice of category.

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