The Creative Process Of An Inspired, Ecstatic Writer



Writers don’t have all the ideas in their heads. They look for some source of inspiration in all the unexpected, sometimes weird, provocative, and awe-inspiring places.

Day 1 – The blinking torment

You look directly at it. It kept on blinking but you can’t move or even breathe. You blankly stared at the repeated blinking strategically situated on a white background until your eyes watered with despair. But nothing; there’s nothing inside of you that can stop the blinking. You wanted to seize the moment but you just felt defeated with no sense of hope.

Until suddenly, the blinking stops.

Instead of your ambition of seizing the moment, all you could do was to cease the blinking; stopping it in a way that you closed your word document. The mere presence of a blank paper and a blank brain, not to mention a cursor endlessly pestering you with empty spaces, annoyed you to the bone.

At times you want to scream but oftentimes, you just sit in one corner and whimper. But “Prior to an upcoming stressor, reflect on how much you value one of your character strengths.” Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D. said.


That’s how it feels when ideas don’t accumulate as expected. If only fresh ideas flowed smoothly as the fresh water flowing from a river. However, inside your head, the river’s dry and empty.

Any writer, if asked, would tell you that creating ideas and building it in a comprehensive story is not as easy as reading one. Stories or accounts require depth and purpose that of which can only be achieved through inspiration.

A happy writer is an inspired one.

So you promise yourself, tomorrow, or maybe tonight, or anytime within the day when the heavens will grant you the wisdom to write another line, you will bring that word document up and running again. Listen to Edna M. Esnil, PsyD when she says, “Identifying which stressors I can control and those that I can’t and finding appropriate resources for support.” That is even better.

But for now, you have to retreat.

Day 2 –This will be the day I start writing… I hope

There it is again, that badgering blinking.

You looked around for some source of inspiration but all you see is that empty plate where a clubhouse sandwich used to lay. You sighed…and sobbed a little. Is there nothing in this godforsaken room that…

Oh, wait… Is that…?

Yes. Yes, it is!

It’s an idea!

Your eyes lit up. You immediately faced your monitor and grinned; cracking your knuckles hyped with a renewed energy, one that could instantly fill an entire page. Looking at the blinking you uttered, “This is the day the taunting stops.”

The day went on with only you, your laptop, and a mug that never ran out of coffee.


In writing, the possibilities are endless. You can create universes with just the tip of your pen. Never-before-seen or known kinds of characters can spur within seconds with an artistic mind.

Inspiration is just around the corner. The world is filled with wonders that the mind can freely explore. Let your environment inspire you. That is the secret of an elated writer who doesn’t or seldom run out of ideas. The world always speaks to us in random ways; all we need to do is listen. Nature is just waiting to be heard.

Day 3 and 4 – Continuously rummaging for inspirations

Finally, some progress!

But you need more. The story has found its ending yet. If it seems like the world stopped communicating with you, it’s high time that you scour ideas elsewhere. Here are some suggestions:

Listen to different genres of music

Do not stick to just one genre. While it might be true that you feel more invigorated to write when you’re listening to your favorite music genre but you have to remember that writing is not monotonous. Monotony does not stimulate change. Example, if you’re writing about a tragic story, you tend to listen to sad songs and if you wanted to put an unexpected twist in your story, you can change your pace of music to indie or rock.

Music in films and television series change based on what the scene is trying to convey, let that be the basis for your writing.


It’s been said before and honestly, it never gets old. Why? Because reading is effective to inspire creativity. There are tons of materials available to browse through. You have your blogs, books, and even magazines. Details, no matter how unimportant or minute they may seem, can be a foundation for your next scene.Passages or quotations may be short but are meaningful that it can alter the way you think of a particular part of your life completely. Reading works from your favorite authors can also light a spark in you that you never knew existed. “Reading, doing challenging puzzles such as crosswords or Sudoku, debating issues with others who have opposing viewpoints, learning a new language or musical instrument, trying a new hobby, or teaching and tutoring others are all ways to maintain or improve your intellectual wellness.” Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC said.


Watch and pay attention

Movies, television shows, YouTube channels, Vlogs, documentaries – these are just some of the abundant source materials you can get your inspiration from. Aside from relaxing your mind, you are also harvesting tons of ideas that you will most likely use for future subjects or titles. Aside from thought-provoking dialogues onscreen, you can also find motivation through captivating sceneries.

Day 5 – Submission

Your eyes are doing their thing again, welling up; not for anguish but for joy. This is because after what you’ve been through the past couple of days, you’vefinally made it through the week with a satisfying outcome. All you need to do is click that submit button.

Then the process starts all over again.

The secret to a writer’s success is not dependent on how good they write but how well they are able to absorb and translate inspiration from their surroundings. Through these inspirations, the soul swells with all sorts of ideas that will then inspire writers to let the happiness from within shine through their piece.

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