The Hobby Of Simplifying Life (Part II)



If we can still recall the best things about trying to get better habits to create a meaningful life entirely, there is a constant reminder there. That is to choose what is beneficial for our overall development. Honestly, it is not just about stepping away from social media from time to time. It is not only about getting enough sleep and not always about limiting negative people to enter our lives. Yes, these are all part of life’s simplification. These are still ways that help us maintain a healthy living environment. But if we go down deeper from these basics, we will realize that our life in on the line here. Therefore, it takes more than the nitty-gritty.

The Additional Care To Take Things Simple

The Ways Of The Thoughts Matter – “Anxiety is often thought of as an emotion, but it’s really more than that, especially when it gets to be problematic.” says Robert Allison, MA, LPC. Anxiety and depression are the mind’s retribution for all the unwanted thoughts we consciously want to refuse during a particular day. There is a need for carving off time from the things we need to do to find rest. The concept of lying in bed with a pad of paper and pen becomes enough for us to think about three particular topics. First, are the things that make us anxious and depressed. Second, the things that cause us pain. And third is the enumeration of things that excite us. By answering these questions, we get to sift through the disorganized status of our minds.



Lowering Down Expectations – The problem with this habit is that we know its importance, but only a few of us apply it in our lives. Yes, the feeling of being extraordinary is way better because there is all of these acknowledgments and appraisals. However, would it be a more exceptional achievement to stay kind? There is no reason to aim in conquering the world in favor of living an extraordinary and well-known life. Marla W. Deibler, PsyD said, “When you’re consumed with what may or may not happen in several minutes or months, you can’t appreciate the here and now.” No, not wanting too much does not represent a step backward from the challenges of life. It merely states a shift in our sense of what the real hurdle should and might be. And of course, knowing where the real rewards lie.

It Is Not All About A Quite Life – In some people’s perception, quiet life is a reward to one’s self. Choosing it is the act of creating a better environment that allows growth and development. However, it is not always like that. Life is about adventure and exploration. There are things that a lot of us should discover the benefits by ourselves. The unquiet idea of life constitutes the truly satisfying things. It includes family, friends, significant other, peace, self-development, freedom, faith, and purpose. But as much as possible, we should take things slowly. We must learn to create better decisions that do not harm or interfere with our beliefs and life principles. “Happy people make healthier choices,” explains Scott Glassman, PsyD




The simplicity of life is guaranteed a pearl of true wisdom. If there is anything particular that we can learn from our existence, that is never to let things control us. We are the sole controller of our lives, and that should stay that way.


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