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Things We Understood After Attending The 2015 Austin Blogger Events

The activities that took place during the 2015 Austin Blogger Events were nothing short of exciting and fulfilling. There were booths where the guests could buy the merchandise of some well-known blogging personalities out there. A few games got organized for new and veteran bloggers to get to know each other. Of course, for the final leg of the event, they set up a fantastic panel of individuals who practically started their career in their living room but now have thousands or perhaps even millions of subscribers on their website.

On the way back home, there were several things we understood about blogging that never came in our minds before.


1. It Only Looks Easy At First Glance

A big misconception that bloggers have to deal with is the notion that the job is easy because you merely need to write and stay indoors. In reality, although it is not as physically taxing as being a construction worker or a medical staff, no one should undermine the difficulty of coming up with topics and sentences that will grab the readers’ attention.

2. You Won’t Succeed If You Focus On The Money

Entering the blogging world is no different from following any other artistic dream out there. You most likely need to create a lot of content without getting paid for it for the first few months. There may be times when you will receive rude comments as well from folks who think they know how to write better. Despite that, you cannot give up too fast due to the measly amount of money you obtain initially.


3. You Cannot Improve Your Writing Skills Alone

If you want to become a successful blogger, you should not focus on enhancing your writing skills alone. It matters not to have grammatical and typographical errors in your content, but you ought to figure out how to optimize your website too. That will allow you to gain more subscribers naturally.


Once you find a special event for bloggers in your city, don’t hesitate to sign up for it immediately. You’ll learn more things about blogging than you think in every conference that you go to.

Good luck!