What Dreams May Come: Love Can Save The Dead

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As I contemplate on the movies that I’ve found memorable through the years (I am a sucker for repeating my most loved movies over and over), I wanted today to be more spiritual and inspirational, one that would move me emotionally so that I could write something profound. Among the movies I’ve watched were Forrest Gump, Patch Adams, and Life of Pi. But today, I don’t find them emotional enough to connect me to the supernatural, to God.

I’m trying to find a movie that has a divine quality in it, something that reflects how a person’s love and faith can save his loved one from experiencing the wraths of hell in their death. Then I remembered watching What Dreams May Come about ten or so years ago, and thinking about it just makes me feel emotional (and spiritually) motivated. Robin Williams just showed so much feeling in this movie, and yes, I was younger then but the idea of heaven and hell struck me. I guess in some way; it has influenced my way of thinking of doing a good deed every day because I couldn’t last a day of suffering in the fires of hell.

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In A Nutshell

 What Dreams May Come evolves around a man who dies tragically and tries to find his wife who, deeply depressed from the death of their children, committed suicide. Where do you ask did the man seek out for his wife? In the afterlife. Annie’s soul was in hell – confused, unhappy, but without remorse for killing herself.

Chris, on the other hand, managed to stay in heaven when he dies, which was a beautiful place, one that he and his wife had painted when they were still on earth. There, he met his children and reconnected with them. However, he couldn’t imagine living in heaven without the love of his life. To cut the story short, Chris’ (Robin Williams) attempts at pulling Annie from hell was a success, and they lived together as a family in heaven, in the place where they’ve always dreamed of going while they were still alive.

Depression And What It Can Do

 The face of depression and loss depicted in the movie is just heartbreaking. It proves how an individual’s damaged mental, physical and emotional well-being can lead to many other tragic events, including suicide. Professionals have time and again encouraged parents who have lost their children to undergo some sort of therapy, whether as a couple or individually, to cope with the pain and avoid doing more harm than good. The death of a child causes the parents to be disillusioned and to experience spiritual crisis, questioning their faith and feeling that God has neglected them.

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What It Meant To Me

 After watching the movie again, I was repeatedly stirred by the thought of having to feel the happiness and beauty of heaven, and the fear and dread of being on fire eternally. But other than that, I realized how a person’s psychological makeup could help his loved one – and himself as well – to recover and redeem oneself from his mental, physical and emotional issues. Ultimately, one’s mental health can easily be affected by the story in that it causes an individual to change for the better, realizing that heaven is a happy and inspiring place, something that one can look forward to when he passes.












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