Why I’m The Kids’ Movies Kind Of Gal

5 Reasons Animated Children’s Films Are Better Than Other Genres

Call me weird but kids’ movies, the animated ones, in particular, make me happy.

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The whole family watched Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok in succession a few months ago, and I found myself dozing off twice throughout the movies! Then, we got hold of Coco and a copy of Inside Out, which we already saw a few years back. And I found myself sitting down with the kids, actually viewing the two movies attentively, and even tearing up (which I had to hide or the children will tease me to death!).

Justice League was funny with very memorable lines (from Aquaman and The Flash, if I remember correctly) and Thor was particularly funny at trying to be funny, but boy, they didn’t hold a torch to the two children’s animated movies.

I wasn’t always a kids’ movies fan until I watched my first one when my son reached an age where he enjoyed watching “moving people and things” on the tube. And the five reasons that got me hooked on the genre are:

  1. They’re Fun To Watch.

Kids’ movies are silliness personified. And because they’re geared towards children, they can get away with it. Take for example The Penguins Of Madagascar. The film got away with verb-ing Hollywood stars’ names. In fact, the silly jokes were what sold the movie out to me. My children didn’t get them, but I did, and I laughed out loud every time (yes, I earned glares and questioning looks from the little ones for laughing all by myself!).

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What’s more, I look forward to the credits of every animated movie to see who voiced who. Some actors and actresses just wow me with their abilities to change their voices to fit the characters they play in these pictures.

  1. They Teach Adult Issues To Children In Ways That Make It Easy For Me To Explain These Things To Them.

When we watched Tinkerbell: Legend Of The Neverbeast, my daughter got angry at Nyx and the other scout fairies because they kept on chasing Gruff. It was an open avenue for me to talk to her about trusting, being loyal to your work, and how these things work in reality. It was the same with my eldest when we watched Inside Out a few months after we made a major location move. My 9-year-old told me how he was like Riley missing his former home and the friends he left behind.

While movies in this genre typically focus on familial love and acceptance, there are some that tackled weighty issues like death that are quite difficult to explain to children. However, I find that how they addressed these issues made it easier for me to talk to my kids about them.

  1. They Are Bright Notes Of Optimism In An Otherwise Negative Vibe-Ridden World.

Adult-themed movies seem to be in a competition of which is the most realistic to the point where they get gory and inclined on the darker side. I do appreciate realism in films, but kids’ animated pictures are a welcome change.  

  1. They’re Musical, And Music Is Fun!

Yes, animations blend music with their stories well. There’s always someone (or something!) who’s singing and after the fourth or fifth time watching them, they tend to get under your skin even if you don’t like the story (some Barbie movies, I’m looking at you!).

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Besides, it’s lovely hearing my 8-year-old daughter sing songs she learned on her own just by watching these films (she taught me Moana’s How far I’ll Go with close to perfect lyrics without searching the internet) and my 2-year-old trying to sing the songs even if she still has trouble articulating words.

  1. They Might Be Colorfully Animated, But They Offer Cathartic Release.

Because they’re kids’ movies, people tend to think films in the genre are fun to watch or colorful or both only. Truly, they also have the power to make viewers cry, to bring about a cathartic release. Animated pictures’ stories are poignant (remember, Up?), they’re on point (Inside Out brought me back to my adolescent years), and they tend to highlight lessons that touch you to the core (like the importance of family to some cultures like mine in Coco).

I could give you a thousand more other reasons why I love kids’ movies. But I think these are enough to validate why I’m the kids’ animated films’ kind of gal! How about you, what movie genre are you into?

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