Why Therapists Suggest Cleaning To Improve Mental Health


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 When some individuals feel drained or fatigued, they often do yoga, indulge in a massage, or practice mindfulness. For others, though, wiping the kitchen counters, arranging the closet, or giving the shelves a good dusting is just as enriching for their mental health as utilizing a yoga or mindfulness app. Some people even feel relieved by the mere sight of a spic and span home after an overwhelmingly stressful day.

Below is more information about the positive impact of cleaning, including its benefits and how to create a cleaning schedule and integrate it into your life.

Benefits Of Organizing And Cleaning

  • It Enhances Physical Health. A tidy and organized home positively affects your physical health. In a study done by research scientists from Indiana University, individuals with clean homes are inclined to be happier and healthier than those with cluttered and dirty homes. As a matter of fact, tidiness was considered a suitable predictor of positive health compared to walking within the neighborhood.
  • It Improves Your Mood. Apart from the perks of having a clean and organized home, the connection between mental health and a tidy house can also help you alleviate your anxiety. Plus, studies reveal that sleeping on fragrant and clean sheets and fixing your bed is linked to a good night’s rest. Consequently, getting sufficient sleep offers a range of mental health benefits, which include a better mood.
  • It Heightens Concentration. When you have a messy and extremely dirty home, the disarray that this mess produces can affect your capacity to concentrate. The mess also restricts your brain’s capacity to process data. Additionally, experts have found that people become less bothered, less annoyed, and more productive when working in a clean and organized workspace. Restricting the number of things that you own might also have a similar effect, as it decreases the number of things that your brain needs to focus on.

Integrating Cleaning Into Your Daily Life

Whatever you may be going through right now – a new baby, having depression, or experiencing a disordered life – the idea of organizing and cleaning can be a daunting task that is merely out of your reach at the moment. Some people even struggle with making cleaning a part of their daily schedule. However, realizing that having a more organized and cleaner space would help enhance your mood and encourage a healthier life could be worth trying. Here are some simple tips on how to integrate cleaning into your daily life.

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Let Others Help You. Occasionally, you reach a point where tidying is really not something that you can deal with by yourself. Perhaps you’re recuperating from a major disorder, raising a home filled with children, working while going to school, or operating your own business – whichever scenario you are in, if you think you can’t potentially get everything done without help, then consider asking assistance from your loved ones – start with your family.

Start With Small Steps. Some of us postpone cleaning because it seems too large-scaled to handle. But rather than anticipating to get the whole house organized in two days, start with smaller steps and organize or clean a little bit daily. This could mean arranging the closets in your room and your kids’ rooms today, and then organizing the living room the next day, and so on. Before you realize it, the atmosphere in your home will be cozier and more livable.

Keep Track Of The Time.

Another alternative for achieving a productive cleaning schedule is to monitor your time by setting a timer. This will enable you to see the scope of cleaning you’ll accomplish in that specific timeframe. Or you can use methods like time blocking for managing your cleaning schedule. For instance, set aside 20 or 30 minutes to clean and organize, set your timer, and then begin your task in the living room of your home. You could perhaps start by picking up items scattered on the floor or the table and putting them back in their places. When the alarm rings, you’re finished with the day. The bedrooms will be set for tomorrow then.

Final Thoughts

If organizing and cleaning alleviate your stress, improve your mood, and decrease your anxiety, then go ahead – pick up your cleaning tools and start clearing out. After all, a chaotic and disorganized home can be bothersome. Make sure that your cleaning routines are set smoothly. Remember, though, that you don’t necessarily have to depend singly on cleaning to provide your life with peace and happiness.

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There will certainly be times when circumstances won’t go your way, and you probably won’t be able to follow your schedule, so you’ll have to prepare other tools in your bag that you can use to unwind and relax.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from depression or other mental health issues and want a tidy and orderly home, you just don’t feel like you have enough drive to do it, don’t do something big or major right away. Simply cleaning the kitchen counter today and then organizing the living room tomorrow will make you feel that you can manage things at home, and most probably, your life in general.



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