Why You Should Start Blogging Now

We are all now at home, out of society and out of our routine. The coronavirus pandemic has returned so much personal time in our hands. Why not put it into something that will benefit you? Like blogging? Here are some reasons why you need to start blogging now.

To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

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We all know that everyone has been feeling anxious and stressed out these past few months. The coronavirus pandemic pulled us out from our usual routines and physically disconnected us from our friends and loved ones. So, writing a blog about yourself, about your day-to-day experience while in quarantine – your “quaranthings“, can help relieve this stress. 

According to Michael Smith, Ph.D., “Writing about positive emotions may help to reduce stress and anxiety.” He adds that “Earlier research has also found that writing about negative emotions – getting things “off your chest” – can improve your mental health.”

Also, stress affects your body since it puts a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. So, by writing to reduce stress, you are also taking care of your physical health! 

To Learn And Develop New Skills

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Did you know that blogging is more than just writing? Managing your blog and creating content for it helps you develop skills in designing, search engine optimization (SEO), content management and creativity. These skills that you learn from blogging – the technological and creative skills – are some of the necessary competencies you will need to thrive in the future.

So, now that you have more time in your hands why not start blogging and get a jumpstart at developing those skill?

To Meet New People

Since your blog is online and on the internet, people from around the world have access to it. So, blogging is also an avenue for you to meet new people in the comforts of your home. You will find a community who shares the same passion and drive that you have – regardless of what the niche of your blog is.

And now that we are facing trial times and disconnection why not try to reverse the effects of being disconnected? Connect with people around the world through your blog.

To Have Access To New Opportunities

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Whether your blog is about yourself or your business, it opens you up to new opportunities, globally. 

The pandemic has put a toll on the global economy and has made a lot of people lose their jobs. And blogging is connecting you to a lot of people—from almost anywhere around the globe. And these people can be a market and a potential source of income. Putting up a blog for your business is also an excellent way to build up its reputation and reach in the online community.

Likewise, blogging also opens up a lot of opportunities for you, even if your blog is a personal one. You may find out that you have a knack and passion for writing or that you have skills to share with other people. Especially now that people are at home and online, the opportunities become endless.

To Earn A Passive Income

Like what I have mentioned above, blogging can let you earn a passive income. It will not happen off-the-bat, but it can be a reality with proper blog management. Even personal blogs can earn from ads and affiliate marketing. 

Also, blogging can help other people earn income. Because once your blog has a maximum reach, you’ll have the opportunity to hire people to help you maintain it. And now that a lot of people needs a job, this will be extra helpful.

To Express Yourself Creatively

A personal blog or a business blog is a creative outlet. And the benefits of creativity is not limited to boosting your artistic skills. It also makes you happy. Being happy increases your happy hormones in your body, therefore improving your immune system as well. And lastly, being creative makes you smarter too.

To Do Something Fun And Easy

The final reason you need to blog now is that it is easy. Blogging is way easier than you think. Initially, you do not need to be super tech-savvy to run and create your blog. It will even take you less of a day to find a web host, design your blog, and upload your original content. You have loads of time in your hands, and you need to do something fun now – blogging.

It may seem that blogging is that last thing we need to do while being cooped in our homes. But it is easy and fun and has loads of benefits. So, why not start blogging today?

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